We are searching for

young professional Software Developers

Your profile:

  • University graduate in Computer Studies, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics etc.
  • motivated, team worker and self-confident appearance
  • analytical thinking and good communication skills
  • an interest and joy for new technologies
  • excellent oral and written English skills, basic knowledge in German language is a plus

Employment situation:
About 1.400 technology-orientated companies are based in the region of Aachen. Alltogether they employ 32.100 employees and make a profit of 6 billion Euro per year. But just in the ecological boom the companies cannot find enough qualified personal. While 3 out of 4 firms in Aachen urgently search software developers, many well trained specialists in other European countries cannot find an adequate job. REGINA e.V. decided to set an example against the youth unemployment in European countries and demonstrate to graduates from Spain, Portugal, Italy etc. the working conditions in Aachen.

How it works:
The requirements for the applicants are clearly defined. Vacant posts and necessary profiles are published on www.karriere.ac. The members of staff of the Zentrale Auslandsvermittlung (ZAV) choose the best 100 applicants of of 1000. The decision which candidates are finally invited to come to Aachen is made by participating companies.

Program - 3rd November - 7th November 2014:
The program consists of the participation in the Night of the companies (6th November) and in the workshop of the jobcenter concerning 'Living  & Working in Germany'. Furthermore we organise a guided city tour, a visit at the town hall in Aachen, including a meeting with the major of Aachen. In addition interviews with companies that were organised in the run-up will take place. Each candidate has to have two of them.

The project 5x5 Welcome to Aachen has already been carried out successfully for two times:

Results of 2012/2013:

  • 45 applicants from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria and Greece were our guests
  • 70% got a job offer
  • 22 accepted it
  • 2 candidates could be won for a subsidiary of a Aachen firm in Italy and Spain

Feedback candidates:

  • I have been hired by DSA and I am starting my new job the first of February. Nevertheless I will be in Aachen on the 28th January to have some free time before my first day in the company. Without you that would not have been possible.
  • Now we have a better understanding of the German labor market and opportunities and feel more confident in future applications.
  • I hope you will organize the event again next year, it was really interesting! Personally I received an offer in Germany, I decided to refuse it due to the activities of the position which did not cover my interests. In the same days of the 5x5 I was able to go to Eindhoven for an interview and I've got another offer which I accepted, I will start my new job the first February in the Netherlands!
  • My host family was very kind with me and the event "Night of the companies" was a great opportunity to see what the market is offering.
  • I consider my participation in The Night of Companies as a very valuable and useful. I got many contacts and had the opportunity to talk and discuss with many professionals. Unfortunately at the moment haven't found the proper job that suits my specialization. But I'm confident that with the contacts I made at the Night of Companies in the close future I'll find the right position for me.
  • I am getting ready to move to Aachen at the end of December, and to start my new job in 2013. Again, I cannot thank you enough for organizing this 5x5 event!

General information:
Special about this project is the fact that applicants live at host families - manager and employees of companies in Aachen.

We are pleased to welcome you as high-potential in our city full of opportunities, cultural heritage and vitality! Are you interested? So do not hesitate and apply for a job in Aachen!